How to Sell Properties in Rural Areas

City life is not for everyone. Eventually, many people grow tired of the hassle and bustle of a big city and decide on a drastic change of scenery. Those who want to spend more free time surrounded by nature and animals or settle permanently in a rural area are the ones who will be attracted to your rural property. Unfortunately, it is still harder to sell in rural areas in comparison to urban ones. That is why we want to share a few pieces of advice on

Find the right marketing strategy

Marketing in rural areas is harder compared to suburban areas. There are many external factors that you cannot control. For instance, the proximity of amenities is a huge advantage when marketing a property and it also adds value. Things like convenience stores and expressway or highway access are always a plus.

It is a good idea to use a listing service that helps people sell in rural areas. Furthermore, you can make flyers to promote your property. Of course, lots of photos capturing the beauty of your property and its surroundings will definitely work in your favor. You can even hire a professional photographer to take the photos and print them in your flyers.

Ask for help when pricing your property

Researching the local market and setting a reasonable price are two things you need to consider before listing a property for sale. Pricing your property might also be a challenge, especially if the closest neighboring property you can compare it to is far away. In addition to the location and overall condition of the property you are selling, several other factors affect the price. There could be a feature that makes your property stand out – a stream, for example. On the other hand, your neighbor’s property might have features that yours doesn’t, like access for vets, farriers and trailers. You probably have an idea of how much your property is worth, but the actual value could be very different. Therefore, it is important that you do your homework and consult an expert.

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Dividing the property can help you sell in rural areas

Rural properties that are smaller sell faster. Not everyone needs a lot of space – some buyers just want a place in the countryside. The price of a smaller property will appeal to a higher number of potential buyers. Plus, more land demands more maintenance. So, if you are selling a large property, think about breaking in up. You can always offer a deal for those who are interested in buying more than one parcel or all of them. If you are splitting the parcel, a professional can assess where you should do it to get the most out of your property.

A property survey is recommendable

A property survey is always a good idea, especially if you are dividing the property. Sometimes, it’s even required. It helps the seller determine what needs to be taken care of before the buyers start visiting. Besides, it gives buyers a sense of security. Taking care of this on time could mean the difference between a quick, successful sale and a property that stays on the market for ages.

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Clean, declutter and repair

Buyers and their agents notice every flaw and it is your job to make sure there are none. Nothing repels potential buyers more than dirt and clutter. Repairs are also a must.


Clean each and every corner of each and every room. If you have an arena, make sure it is immaculate, if not, consider investing in one before you sell – you will get bonus points with people who are interested in horse property buying. Their structure makes barns particularly hard to clean. Still, you need to clean the stalls, sweep the barn aisles and get rid of spider webs.

Do not forget about the outside area either. Reduce the number of insects on your property. Remove unwanted weeds and leaves, and take care of manure management. Mow and trim your pastures. These are some of the most effective low-budget outdoor improvements for horse properties.


Clutter makes a space look smaller and less appealing to potential buyers. Clutter is also associated with the lack of hygiene. Do you need more reasons to get rid of it? Throw away everything that is too old or damaged beyond repair. If you own some useful items that you don’t plan on selling together with the property, get them out of the way immediately. Consider renting short term storage unit in your area if you have no other place to keep them. In case there is something you no longer need but think someone else might, we recommend donating to a charity.


Repairing or replacing what is broken or damaged in any way should also be on your list of priorities. Doing all the necessary repairs on time helps people sell in rural areas and get a better price.

If you own animals, especially horses, the fence is of utmost importance. Fences that appear unsafe are a major turn-off. Old or poorly maintained fences do not only pose a danger for animals but they also discourage buyers. So, replace missing/damaged boards, repaint, or invest in brand new fencing. We recommend wood.