Information on Horses in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is located in South Central United States and is home to about 3.9 million residents. Its nickname, the Sooner State is a reference to the non-Native settlers who staked claims on plots of land before the official opening date. Oklahoma is one of the country’s largest providers in gas, oil, and agriculture, managing to rank 2nd in the nation in gas production and 5th in crude oil production.

The climate in Oklahoma varies by location. In the east, it’s mostly humid subtropical while the west has a semi-arid climate. In general, summers are long and hot; winters are short and not severe. Oklahoma can be prone to severe weather, seeing as how much of the state is located in Tornado Alley.

Oklahoma has a horse population of over 326,000, making it the 4th most horse populated state in the country, trailing only behind the massively populated states of Texas, California, and Florida. Oklahoma is also ranked 6th in the country’s human-to-horse ratio. The state has one horse for approximately every 10.8 people. As expected, the horse industry is booming in the state, making it perfect for those who are interested in purchasing horse farms in Oklahoma. The state’s horse industry produces goods and offers services valued at $766 million. 117,900 citizens of Oklahoma are involved in the horse industry, whether as horse owners, service providers, volunteers, or other employees. This industry directly provides 12,400 full-time jobs.

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Oklahoma in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 160,000
img Total Economic Impact: over $ — billion
img Population : 3,547,884
img Land area : 68,667 sq. miles
img Capital : Oklahoma City
img Counties: 77
img Highest Point : Black Mesa:  4,973 feet
img Lowest Point : Little River: 287 feet
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Oklahoma City: 531,324
  • Tulsa: 382,457
  • Norman: 101,719
  • Lawton: 90,234
  • Broken Arrow: 86,228
  • Edmond: 74,881
  • Midwest City: 54,890
  • Moore: 47,697
  • Enid: 46,416
  • Stillwater: 40,906