Horse Property Tips


A guideline for horse properties, farms, horse ranches and equestrian estates.

While it may be a dream for you to be able to watch horses graze peacefully outside of your house’s back window, a lot more goes into it than simply picking out a horse ranch for sale and buying it. There are plenty of factors that need to be considered when purchasing a horse farm. We recommend placing a priority on the following amenities when you’re looking for horse properties.


Oftentimes, when looking at a horse ranch for sale, the first consideration will go into what the barn is like or if there’s enough room to build an appropriate barn. Whether you’re buying a pre-existing barn or building your own, here are some of the most important features of the barn you should think about:

  • Location – You’ll want to consider the barn’s proximity to the main road, the house, and the storage facilities.

  • Structural Soundness – Many barns happen to be older and while there can be a lot of charm in an old barn, you also have to take safety into account.

  • Stalls – Make sure that they’re safe and there’s no way for a horse to escape, injure itself, injure another horse, or simply wreak havoc. Also, make sure that the size and construction is suitable.

  • Stall Construction – All of your stall floors should be non-slip and preferably matted. Solid wood or cement walls that go down to the floor with no gaps are the safest bet.

  • Stall Size – While a 10×10 stall will accommodate small horses and ponies, a 12×12 stall is much more comfortable for larger horses. Stalls with runs are preferred, though in cold climates, you may want to close the stall off from the run so that you can have extra warmth. Also, make sure that the stall doors are wide enough with tall ceilings and dividers.

  • Stall Use – Make sure that your stalls are appropriate for their use. As breeding facilities, broodmare and stallion stalls should be much larger and removed from each other with barriers between the stalls. For boarding barns, separate storage or tack areas are a plus.

  • Road Access – You’ll want to have trucks access your horse farm easily through a reliable and well-maintained road to the barn and the storage areas.


Most farms will have some kind of fencing, its primary purpose being to safely contain your horses. While aesthetics is important, safety is the main concern, as horses can often hurt themselves on certain types of fencing. Some of the fencing options that we recommend include the following:

  • Wood Fencing – This type of fencing has a traditional aesthetic appeal and is generally safe, although it can be costly and difficult to maintain.

  • Vinyl Fencing – This has all the aesthetic beauty of wood fencing along with being very durable and safe as well.

  • Electric Fencing – These can discourage a horse from hurting itself by providing both a physical and a psychological barrier.

Other Necessities

When you’re looking for a horse ranch for sale, there’s more than simply the barn and fencing that you should take into consideration. Here are some of the other important necessities that you should look at:

  • Pastures and Turn Outs – In nearly every horse farm, there should be enough room to turn out your horses. Take your number of horses and the intended use of the turn outs into consideration when you’re deciding on a horse farm.

  • Arenas – If you happen to do arena riding, your horse property should have an existing one or enough room to accommodate one. Arenas can be costly so don’t underestimate it. You’ll also want to think about whether you’ll need a covered or indoor arena, depending on the climate you live in.

  • Water – It’s important for horse farms to have access to water both in the barn and also in the pasture. Make sure that the plumbing will meet your needs.

  • Lighting – Electricity is another vital factor in the usability of your ranch. Barns will need electricity, especially in the case of an emergency.

  • Feed and Equipment Storage – Having enough hay, grain, and equipment storage on your horse ranch is both convenient and cost-effective. A secure feed area will protect horses from overeating and it will prolong the life of your feed by shielding it from the elements.